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laser-hygieneMany people have discolored teeth and these people know how self-conscious they feel when they are in company. Many suffer in silence and just put up with the fact that their teeth are not perfect though they never look into the vast array of options available for effective treatment. Personal health has always been of paramount importance for many people who may have to interact with friends, work colleagues, customers and associates in different capacities every day of their lives. For these people it is essential to look good and take care of their appearance.

Philson__EZLASE_940Teeth discoloration is very common and the reasons for the problem can go as far back as childhood in some cases. The most common causes are through smoking or chewing tobacco though this is now thankfully on the decline as more and more people kick the smoking habit. Drinking excessive tea, coffee or cola drinks is another common cause of teeth discoloration and it is the tannin inside the ingredients that does the damage. Taking antibiotics as a child, trauma, poor dental hygiene and general aging are some of the other main sources of the problem.

For your convenience and budget, we have two methods of whitening available to you. The first is an in-office procedure called Laser Whitening. The Second is the use of a Take Home Kit that you can conveniently use at home..

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Laser Teeth Whitening is one of many available dental remedies designed to revitalize the color of your teeth. Whitening strips, gels, and toothpastes are treatments that are available that you can use from home. However, laser teeth whitening is arguably the quickest, safest, and effective method of teeth whitening. In this treatment, a special laser whitening gel is applied to the teeth in which a high intensity laser is used to penetrate the whitening materials.

This action will in effect bleach the teeth. This procedure takes up to approximately two hours to be completed and is performed in a cosmetic dentist’s office. It is a safe treatment that specifically focuses on the affected teeth and therefore will not affect the gum tissue in any way.

The only possible side effect to laser tooth whitening is that the patient experiences slight sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli for approximately two to three days following the treatment.

Take Home Whitening is the second method involves preparing custom trays done by taking a simple impression of your mouth. Our lab will create trays that you will take home and use at your convenience. There are several advantages to using this system. We custom fit the trays to you so there is never any risk of ingesting the whitening agents. Additionally, our whitening agents are more powerful than you can purchase over-the counter and therefore, the results will be more dramatic. By allowing you to use this whitening package at home and at your convenience we allow you to have control over how white your tooth color will become.

Laser Teeth Whitening Benefits!

We know your smile is important. It’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful – it can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression

Your lifestyle and the aging process can stain and darken your teeth. Many things we do on a regular basis can contribute to stained teeth, such as drinking coffee, tea, cola and red wine or smoking.

Whitening can get your smile looking its best. Non-professional procedures and clinically unproven teeth whitening tips can often lead to unsatisfactory results, you should look for a whitening procedure that is:

  • Fast and Convenient!
  • Long Lasting
  • Low Sensitivity
  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • Performed by a Dental Professional

With proper aftercare, whitened teeth can stay bright for a few years! To keep your smile bright as long as possible, try these easy tips:

  • Follow the “white teeth diet” Drink white wine instead of red wine, cappuccino instead of espresso, and grapefruit juice instead of cranberry juice.
  • Use a “whitening” toothpaste with a mild abrasive or peroxides (for example: Opalescence toothpaste, Supersmile and most of the over-the-counter “Whitening Toothpastes” on a daily basis.

We Invite Your To Call Us at (403) 262-9455 to book your Laser Teeth Whitening appointment today!

Laser Dentistry FAQs

Q) Are Lasers Safe?

A) Yes – Lasers are government approved and are extremely safe. They have the benefit of being able to be used with pinpoint accuracy. Lasers have many benefits including allowing us to sterilize the area being worked on as well as allowing soft-tissue to heal more quickly.

Q) Why should I choose Laser Dentistry?

A) Two of the most beneficial aspects of laser dentistry is the dramatically enhanced precision of the laser (to focus on the targeted tooth or tissue), as well as the low level of pain associated with the procedure and post-procedure. Also procedures can generally be performed faster and more efficiently. Another major benefit is little or no freezing is required for a lot of treatments.

Q) How much does Laser Dentistry cost?

A) Each laser dental procedure varies due to treatment type, time, and other factors. It is best to inquire with our admin team about potential cost as well as the types of insurance the office will accept.

Q) What is the recovery time for Laser Dentistry procedures?

A) The recovery time will depend on the type of procedure performed, how your body usually heals from injuries/surgeries, among other factors. However, most individuals experience full recovery in about half the time that it takes them to heal from traditional means of dentistry (i.e., drills).

Q) How accurate are the lasers?

A) Lasers can be refined to have pinpoint accuracy and can be narrowed to make incisions (holes) as small as one-fifth of a millimeter across. It is safe to say that they can and are more accurate than a standard dental drill.