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Sealants are not just for Children anymore!

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We like to offer our patients Sealants as an alternative for treatment prevention.

So what is a Sealant? A sealant is a safe plastic-like material that is painted on to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars and pre-molars) and acts like a physical barrier to “seal out” germs and food that cause tooth decay and destroy the tooth structure.

Sealants are 100% effective in reducing tooth decay and can last as long as the sealants remain intact (which is normally 15 years or longer). Adults especially can benefit from sealants due to the fact that it has been proven that 95% of all people will eventually have cavities or pits/fissures/grooves in their teeth.

sealantsSince Molars are especially susceptible to having deeper grooves, more than 85% to 90% of all tooth decay begins here. The natural valleys of the molars make it harder to clean them by brushing alone. The enamel in these areas can also be thinner making them easier to destroy by the germs that cause cavities.

Another factor is that most toothbrush bristles bend and are too large to fit into these grooves. Sealants not only prevent cavities but can also arrest the progress of decay. And all with the goal of having healthy teeth that can last a lifetime!

Sealants do need to be checked at your regular Hygiene appointments to make sure that the seal is not chipped or broken.

If you think that sealants may be of interest to you, then please be sure to book a free consultation with the Gulf Canada Square Dental Hygiene Team to determine if you would be a good candidate for this procedure.

We Invite Your To Call Us at (403) 262-9455 to book your Adult Sealants appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are you accepting new patients?

A) Yes we are ALWAYS accepting new patients. Simply call us to book your appointment today. Or use our handy online appointment request form!

Q) I have a dental emergency – what should I do?

A) If you are experiencing a dental emergency, do not hesitate to call our main office number at (403) 262-9455 to get the dentist on-call information.

Q) Do you direct bill insurance?

A) No, not at this time. However, we do electronically send your claim in so you are reimbursed within approximately a week.

Q) Do you do Invisalign?

A) Yes we do! Please visit our Invisalign page for more information.